The most advanced solution for the aviation industry ..

A powerful solution for the flight booking industry, data analytics companies, and ideal for corporate carbon emissions reporting.
The SFC is the most advanced platform on the planet, capable of a direct comparison of airlines emissions on the same route.
Flyzen empowers an informed choice for consumers and businesses.

Flyzen’s Sustainable Flight Comparison (SFC) provides the most precise analytics on carbon emissions for commercial aviation on the market.
Our methodology follows strict international standards and scientific guidelines.


exponentially, we need to act now

2005 levels and up to 700% by 2050 Post-pandemic scenarios are expected to resume the unsustainable growth

unsustainable growth

⦿ Reducing the flight impact on climate change requires a new approach by the passengers

Yet, as of today, there is no other standardised way to calculate and compare carbon emissions at booking time At the same time, travel carbon footprints often do not allow an informed choice of the airlines Since 2014, Flyzen establishes a new reference calculation based on strict international standards, easy to use for consumers, detailed for academics and valuable for travel operators

Flyzen provides the tools for the aviation industry to reach a systemic shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet Our mission is to contribute to the achievement of the 9th and 12th SDG defined by the UN



⦿The Flyzen API for the flight booking industry

company through the Flyzen API

empowering travellers to control and reduce the impact of their trip

Proof of concept of the API integration


⦿ Data analytics companies and carbon footprint software companies, as well as any other business willing to control and report their travel carbon footprint, can also benefit from Flyzen SFC

⦿ The platform can be accessed directly also via web and processes flights in batch via a simple document upload
The web interface provides a detailed ex-post analysis of flight emissions allowing for custom KPIs calculation

⦿ Fully customisable interface including logos and company brand image .

⦿ Instant infographics reports on CO2 savings ready for marketing and communications purposes .

⦿ Straightforward and traceable documentation for emissions certification bodies .

An example of the output of Flyzen’s SFC Web Platform


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Helping airports go green ..

The Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) has become a well-developed and globally recognized certification scheme. The increasing rate of adoption and the improving communication value of the accreditation, make it a valuable tool to improve airports’ business, while – at the same time – reducing bills and improving efficiency The Landing and Take Off (LTO) cycle is the main source of carbon emissions LTO is not directly controlled by airport owners and its calculation is cumbersome and time consuming. However, airports can create guidelines and influence big emitters, thus meeting an important ACA requirement: engaging stakeholders

LTO emissions are presently calculated by each airport. Although verified by external and authorized bodies, there is no scientific uniform method to compare airports or historical data within the same airport in a clear, communicative way. Watch Video

What we do

⦿ LTO Carbon Analytics represents a cutting edge solution to set carbon reduction targets, therefore improving carbon efficiency

⦿ A strong and reliable tool to compare and verify yearly behaviour of airport’s LTO emissions

⦿ A third party management tool: the airport can use LTO Carbon Analytics during the stakeholder engagement phase.

⦿ An affordable solution for collaborative stakeholder engagement

⦿ A direct communication tool to monitor emissions trends, load factors, low carbon aircraft improvements and airline classifications

⦿ A powerful opportunity to improve airport’s branding and community relationships


Direct benefits for airports ..

⦿ Carbon Analytics calculates airlines' performances with an unprecedented precision. The platform delivers load factor efficiency for maximum granularity. Every aircraft's seat configuration adopted by each airline is processed automatically, in order to have the exact capacity. Airports can profit from Carbon Analytics by redefining slot allocation costs and improving operations. Furthermore, the platform allows dedicated simulation for each terminal/runaway and compares historical data for an immediate grasp on LTO efficiency and critical segments.

Improve your profit margins and sustainability governance with Flyzen!

Improve Airports' operations


- Incentive policy on slot costs

- Airlines engagement

- Handler influence


- Organise runways – operations

- Implement efficient software for turnaround

- Implement technical solutions


- Develop GHG friendly regulations (e.g. APU usage)

Check Airlines' performance


- Choose less pollutant aircrafts

- Improve load factor

- Implement efficiency consumption in operations


- Implement energy management including regulation, technical and management solutions


Airport's climate change impact

⦿ LTO Carbon Analytics provides an easy to use interface. The software imports operations data directly from any ATC system The package has been designed to provide you with all the information required to comply with the Airport Carbon Accreditation protocol The graphic output organises historical and present data, letting you plan potential improvements, saving precious time and resources Ease of use, technical precision and comprehensive graphic outputs are the main features of LTO Carbon Analytics Calculation is based on ICAO aircraft engine emission databank and ICAO doc. 9889

You are just one click away from a world of information.


A complete solution

see our comparison below ..

Carbon efficiency label

⦿ Flyzen strongly believes in the Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme: a clear and comparable way to communicate emissions reductions

⦿ We think that an LTO Carbon Efficiency Label is needed to visualize the improvements on the most emissive CO2 source

⦿ This strong focus on LTO emissions is a key factor, thus reducing absolute emissions of an airport

⦿ Business-as-usual scenarios do not comply with the fight against Climate Change


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